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Traduction de la vidéo en anglais :
Praised be Jesus Christ
Dear Laurence, I am pleased to welcome you and to receive your testimony.
You have been baptized and have received the catechism, but then you have converted to Islam, and then you returned to the Christian faith. So I would like, if you wish, you can tell your story, why you converted to Islam, then why you became a Christian.
– Okay. I have not received Christian education in my family, and I finally arrived at adolescence with an evil being, really, an evil to live, I thought “but what’s the point of being alive? Ca What used to be alive I had no marks, in fact, I was not built … And then I met some French Muslims: for me, it was the answer to my questions Obviously, in the state I was in, I was like a dead leaf that drops, which is carried by the wind and goes where the wind the door, I was like that …
And I met the six Muslims who have spoken to me of God, Allah, and for me, it answered my thirst, so I immediately adhere to Islam. Finally I was told: “Well, you’re alive, because there is a God who created etc, etc … And finally a meaning so this is why I has adhered I n! ‘had no part before. And here, I did the shahada, he had to say in Arabic, even though I did not yet know Arabic at the time, therefore, obliged to say in Arabic .. .
– You know today Arabic?
– Yes, yes, yes, I learned, because Muslims say that Arabic is the language of Heaven (Koran 26 192) and that the Koran is still very poorly translated if it is not in Arabic, that the five prayers said in French are not valid, so we’re all forced to learn Arabic, and African, Indian, Indonesian who learns the Qur’an by heart for years and years in Muslim world knows it by heart, but does not know what it says!
And I am told that I have to wear the hijab, the veil …
– And you have pictures? We will show our viewers … You’re reviewing?
– Well, listen, there it was my first year in Islam, and I was part of Tunisia a few months in a village between Tvas and Gabes …
– Okay, and then when we see you, young …
– And there is a few years later, so I entered Islam at 21, I got married at 23, and daughter Maria was born in 25 years, so there it is 4 years After I entered Islam, I married one year after my conversion in Islam with a Pakistani, practicing course, obviously … And here it is with my sister and her child, my daughter Maria who has been born.
– So you’ve converted at the age of 21, you began to learn Arabic at once, to be able to say your prayers?
– We learn very quickly to say the main prayer, which is “fatira”
– Who ?
– The Muslim community.
– Whether you met where?
Well when I met these French Muslims, they introduced me to their friends, Muslims …
– In families?
– In families, quite, apartments, we had over Islam, mosque, Arabic courses, courses chanting of the Koran, and then we saw between women too, among some, among others, to read Arabic together for … I do not remember even why there … to speak of Islam, to make cakes together, make tea together, that’s it! There is a fraternal life indeed is done.
And he found very quickly, so I had this thirst, this spiritual hunger, he found very quickly that I did not want to stay with my parents, who were not Muslims, ate pork, which drank alcohol, so here goes, it excludes very quickly.
– Yes, you separate you “unclean”! (Koran 9.28) – Yes!
I took the Muslim communities addresses of France, I wrote them all by saying, “Well, I’m freshly converted Muslim, I would like to live in the Muslim community, my parents are not Muslim, and I looking for a job in the Muslim community in order to stay with you ,, and that is how I met the man who became my husband Ender Harman, who is Pakistani and who had come to France, sent by the Islamic party of his country, for study the comparative economy. That, and he took me to England, it was met with a publishing company with that I started to do translation … Well, and then shortly after, we s ‘is married.
– At the mosque !
– Yes, at the mosque, of course, embarrassed me wrong vis-a-vis my parents, how to make them understand?
– They were there? – No, they did not come
– They knew?
– After! There was no civil marriage, there was no white dress, no banquet …
– No civil marriage?
– It is normally forbidden in France this marriage without passing the civil state!
– I did not know !
– Yes Yes !
– And a year later, we left Pakistan …
– You’re married to the mosque, it means that the imam, definitely consciously knew he was breaking the laws of the Republic …
– I do not know…
– Of course it is forbidden!
– I was Prette to obey all the commands and precepts of Allah, because to me, it was the answer to my discomfort, and so I asked any problems. I was told very quickly that I had to wear the veil because it is written in the Koran (24.31), actually I saw him in the Koran that says women to fall back upon them their great sailing, it will be better for them etc, so I put the hijab without problems …
I was told to do five prayers a day, among the obligatory prayers …. Yes, of course, I quickly learned to pray etc … I must say that at the time I made French first party to put the hijab and to be Muslim! He had ye in the US, but in France in the 80s, it was not yet too common? So when Muslims saw a French Muslim woman with veil, dressed etc they said, “Sure, she’s going to heaven!”, So we had a certain prestige, so to speak, but just to showcase because in the community, as and as I advance in the life of the Muslim community, I realize that there is a Muslim racism against the French if there is no Arab blood, still less well understood that the strain of Muslim is obvious! And slowly, yes, we understand that is not going to heaven only one who admits that Allah is the only God and Mohammed is his prophet, and anyone who does not profess the Muslim faith is “Kevir” atheist, and dedicated to fire of hell (Koran 5.72), so punishment in the grave. It’s the only thing that can make us go to heaven Allah, recognize that He is the only god, he has no partner (Qur’an 7.190) than there no other, and that Mohammed is his prophet, and the seal of the prophets who completes the prophecy that all prophets before we announced the prophet Mohamed, and believe that the Torah, the Gospel etc. have announced the arrival of Mohamed (Koran 2.59) but that Jews and Christians have falsified their books to deny that. If we really want to believe that Allah is the true God, in defiance of our own thinking, we made this choice, we believe in Allah, and we stop thinking.
In fact, Islam said, as puts postulate that “every human being of all humanity is Muslim by nature, by birth (Quran 30.30), and then, it perverts our faith, and therefore it becomes an atheist , bouddiste, Christian etc …
– The “great privilege” of Islam is to believe that God is one, excluding all Christians, all Jews, all the prophets have said that thing! Why Muhammad ad, because it does not bring anything new!
– Absolutely, this shows that it is an indoctrination … There is such a verse from the Koran that says (Quran 33 50 53) “You who believe, you are allowed to marry 1, 2, 3 4 women, or wives of the believers, those that your hands have. literal translation of the Arabic, which refers to slaves When one is Muslim, one adheres to this faith and really believes that, this word does not shock us, and I, at the time, I went through it, I wonder now how I did Sometimes I would stop me, but I said to myself: “Yes, it was for once, it’s not for now … That no longer exists, the slave, now! “While it’s true! We see the good with what is happening in Chad, Nigeria, Iraq … Western is drawn with a speech that is completely different! Because in Islam there anything and everything. And in Islam, it is said that the woman is exalted, the mother is elated … There is a hadith which is famous in the Sunna, which is as important as the Koran when ! even a small degree below but not much and there is a hadith which is very famous, and is quoted us all the time is: “Paradise lies under the feet of mothers. “And the woman is honored in Islam … What non-Muslims say, and although they are very bad, because it is not true … And so, when you want to believe, you believe it!
– When we want to believe, it is believed, okay … For you, these verses of the Quran, it was about the past?
– Yes, the past, that I thought: “Anyway, today there are more slaves.” I have trouble understanding how I did today to absorb all these phrases there, saying “amen” every time … This is a consequence of indoctrination …
– Not only that, my dear Laurence, but if the Koran is the eternal word of God, if today there were no slaves, there should be, since the Koran is the eternal word of God!
– That’s why we have a community reading that prevents us from seeing contradictions, and when we have contradictions, we are told that it is we who do not have sufficient faith, because the dogma, the very foundation of faith is that the Qur’an was revealed by Allah, everything in the Koran is true!
– And yes, if it is Allah who says it can not be wrong … It’s still easy to understand: if the Qur’an is the word of God, necessarily what he says is true, you understand it, anyway!
– Exactly! And if you do not understand it is that you really are a disbeliever.
We are ready to swallow any argument, even if we do not find it sensible … We will find the sense … And if people are not supposed to, it’s because they do not understand Allah. So from there, if there is something that we do not understand, or that include evil, or that we ask questions in the Koran, it’s not because the Koran, that is because of us!
– Of course, elsewhere in the Qur’an, Allah says that those who seek to understand, these are people who put the bazaar, and we must condemn them (Quran 3.7).
– But he spoke through the Koran
– Yes, but only Allah knows the interpretation: that is, you can not understand! And those who seek to understand are made to feel guilty.
-All Completely, and therefore the Muslims say that they read the Koran, because they want to be good believers, they want to love Allah, and they are victims of Islam, they are prevented from thinking … The Muslim believes that the Christian is polytheistic! He believes that the Christian believes in a God who is Father, Son, and that Mary is the third of three! (Qur’an 5.116) because of a bad translation … Further proof that the Koran has developed over the centuries by the good will and actions of caliphs, as adoption (Quran 33: 37-38 ), concubinage (Quran 4.3) etc … And in fact, Holy Spirit, it is a word which is feminine, and scribes who write in Arabic that believed it was Mary, who was in the divinity of the three! (5.116) Here, then, is a mistake …
– You do not dare to question the whole system which is imposed on you as being of divine origin. It would have been monstrous of you to dare to criticize, submit to issue something that was as perfect ….
– And I could even less to question something that art had to answer my hunger and my thirst!
– Yes, because you like it like that, because you had planned on Islam …
– The answer to my teenage malaise, absolutely. I understood that in Islam, there were landmarks, there was a framework, a goal, the explanation of the fifth, etc … And for me, it was going, so I was the first to nothing challenge, and I was the first in my daily reading of the Koran, that if I did not understand it was because of me only, and that gave me even more motivation also to learn Arabic you see, and obey all that Allah said.
– Did you say something in Arabic?
– In Arabic ? It’s been “awalla maratamoulal ………”
– They say, “God is merciful, he is the all-merciful, allowing to tell Muslims that Islam is a peaceful religion Islam does not mean” peace “, he means” submission “:” sallam “is peace … They are wrong, they are wrong knowingly They know they deceive us!
And mercy … Because the Koran, every two pages, so to speak, uses the word mercy, Muslims say that this is proof that they are merciful … Well, yes, it’s that level is this level!
Well, be careful with the vocabulary that I used earlier, when we talk of mercy, when we speak of faith etc, when I speak of faith in Islam, it will not be the faith we we understand in time that Christians, but what I wanted to say is that Islam is a religion of ritual practices, and therefore there are a lot of things that are “halal” … Everything is either “halal “or” haram “or sin or not sin … Me I testify, I know the Qur’an and I practiced and I saw in the Arabic text, those who practice the Qur’an are those who take up arms and come to conquer the world. (Qur’an 9.111) – altogether! – The right way Muslim who does not practice or practice may just praying and Ramadan, which possibly drink a little alcohol, he will be killed like us! (Qur’an 8.12-17) It is clear: it does not apply the Koran. It is more in harmony with his heart. And so they are complexed, and this is why before an imam, or before a jihadist, they lower their eyes, they can not answer, because they are caught between what their heart tells them, and Islam tells them, and this is a great suffering.
– It is unfortunate that these people are not the courage to leave Islam (Mk 8.35, Luke 14:26)! Err :502
– It is difficult, very difficult.
– You’ve done well, you!
– Yes, I did, but my family is not Muslim, and my sister’s family in Pakistan. For me, it was easy: I just had to leave the community geographically. Individualism is rather fought in this kind of community … In fact in Islam, is to the point that the individual does not exist, the same person does not exist. Everything is communal. We can do nothing: we can not have a personal coix, if the community points to me, it’s impossible.
We have “dohass” ie invocations to do before eating, after eating, before going to the bathroom, the toilet and out, leaving the house, you have to go out with your left foot enter with the right foot, and there is an invocation to do as we enter the mosque, it is similar, that: was the spirit which is busy all the time, it was something that codifies that is standard. Everything is ritualized, codified, and even quantified! That is, so that’s when we speak of faith in Islam. And it’s always the same problem for the same word, there are two different definitions, with two different consequences in real life, so if we do not go beyond that in the Islamic-Christian dialogue, it there is no dialogue. You still have to ask the question: for over 60 years, there is a Christian-Muslim dialogue, there is still no successful meeting, intelligent, fine, subtle, and Christians are still being persecuted.
III – Laurence Why she left Islam?
In fact, over time and as the years passed, it is practical then began to choke me, because I was aiming Allah, my thirst was him, and it was not necessarily of ritual practices. There is one thing that made me decide to leave the Muslim community while remaining Muslim is such stupid laws, there is a moment when I got up there, what it was by example, during the Ramadan fast, the swab, you can not use it and introduce it into the ear to clean the ear, because it introduces a foreign body in the ear, so we break the fast!
– Ah ah ah ah ah !!
– So there is a time when, to hear that for years, or things of that level, whatever the field, whether fasting, prayer, etc. I could not go, and c ‘ is what made me leave the community, but it was obvious that I did not leave Islam, because for me, the Koran was still the Book of Allah, revealed, and Allah was always the true God. And now, during these years at the same time, I was convinced of the Qur’an, and the Qur’an, God speaks to us of the goods in this world and in the other he promises us, if we are obedient to it, to be rewards and in this world and the next. And as the years passed … So I’m a Muslim and I raise my child in Islam etc., I realize that ultimately I am not blossomed as a person, nor wife, nor mother, nor as a woman, I’m not someone fulfilled: no, actually, I’m not happy.
– You think you realize it like that …
– Well it is said in half a second, but the design, daring to think and daring to think that it takes several months … Yes, after several months, I tell myself that I’m not happy: that is it happening? What is going on ?
To summarize, after eleven years or so, I had gone in Château-Chinon, in an Islamic institute to learn “tefsir”, the commentary of the Qur’an, Arabic, chanting, legislation, and then finally at the end of that year, I decided to break my marriage with my husband, because I was definitely really unhappy, and I could not breathe, I could not continue like that … He, his job was to Allah that he did, as we say in Arabic: “Fissabillillah” on the way of Allah, and therefore must accept everything, and if my wife, I do not accept , well I’m not a good wife, I’m not a good Muslim. So I heard and accepted and obeyed this discourse for years, until it was: SOS! I could not. I could not live, breathe, I was unhappy, and I had a legacy to give my child, I became mother meantime. I had to do with the reality of my life.
So for him, it was a big shock, because for him it was not even conceivable to divorce, much less whether his wife seeking divorce. For him, it was very difficult, and as I said at the beginning of the conversation, the West in Islam are attracting by promises that the woman is a jewel in Islam, with a very honorable place, and ” Do not believe non-Muslims who say that women in Islam have no right! ”
And then, it was necessary that I live, evidently with the hijab, because I was always Muslim, convinced of Allah, and I had to have a home and I needed a job, with the veil, then my child, she was still in school at the time, it was not easy … And I continued, and it is from that time as well: the exits of the Muslim community and also to seek a more intense relationship, and therefore more personal with Allah is that my reading of the Koran has become a more personal reading … It is done alone: the exits of the Muslim community made a personal reading of the Koran. And that’s something you’ll find in many testimonies, I really heard several times, ex-Muslims who have become Christians, or who stopped the Muslim faith at some point in their lives they make a personal reading. Joseph Fadelle also said very clearly, and many, many others. You see ?
And I begin this personal reading, and there, as I start reading things that I had never read, if you will. But most of all, I want to keep the Koran as a bedside book, I am still convinced that Allah is the true God, and qu’ll have to be Muslim to be happy in this world and the next.
And time goes by, the years pass, two-three years, and I realize that I’m still unhappy, I’m still miserable as the stones … And yet I am fervent.
– And yet you do everything you can to …
– But I will testify at the risk of sounding like a proud, I do not know how to say, but I will testify to the end of my days I was into Islam. I was sincere, I did more than my five prayers, more than Ramadan, I spent sleepless nights reading the Qur’an, sleepless nights talking with Muslims, and sleepless nights looking at the bottom of me the way to stop being nasty, stop being impatient, here, cut all the flaws, I spent sleepless nights, it’s not a picture! So, I had my sincerity for me, and my willingness to be submitted to Allah. And for me it was an honor and a love of being subjected to Allah. I had no other comparison, it was good! You see ?
And the years pass, again, and I’m still not happy, and I’m still more unfortunate, finally, and I am forced … There frankly is SOS, what: I wear the veil, I have to work, I have no husband, I have a little girl after a small child who has not asked anything, who just wants to be a good Muslim like everyone else because I taught him like that, and it’s hard! And I have to sit down, and tell me “? What happens” So there again, I say in one sentence, it takes months to conceive, to dare to think , to dare to sit down, and say one day to Allah: “Allah, I do not understand, I follow you for a long time, I know you’re the truth, I know …” that’s good, I made a discourse of truth on my life, and I told him: “I do not feel in my life, Allah, I do not feel in my life so I’ll do something to force you to go in my life.: I’ll leave the hijab, Allah (Quran 33.51 to 53), that you punish me, and so I know you’re really in my life. You see?
– Okay: Evidence from the opposite!
– Yes, he had to tell me it’s there, because in the community, in my marriage in the personal reading of the Koran, I was no more. And I put my whole life, I had sacrificed my professional Career Advice, I had put my married life, I had put my pregnancy, my mother’s life, my life as a woman … It was not just that it is not there, it was not true. There is something I did not understand, well I will tell him: “Allah, I did not understand, I do not see you in my life, and although I can punish me just as you are! There…”
– My God … What despair …!
– But it’s one thing to say, another thing to do it: because I was proud to be a Muslim, I was proud to have the hijab … And we must not escape his obedience! It was S.O.S, S.O.S.!
– You provoquiez …
– Without daring to say so, but that was it – It’s beautiful …
– And this one day I decided: I do not put my veil, and I go out one day, two days, three days. several days…
And nothing happens! He and nothing happens! And that was like the house of cards crumbles …
– What did you expect ? You go catch leprosy, blindness? Punishment …
– I do not know, punishment, punishment, the house on fire, an accident, I have more leg, I do not know …
– And nothing happens …
And it nothing happens!
– This is a dead God, what.
– It was the house of cards crumbles: mas then Allah is not there, and then in prayer? But then is it that this does not explain why this does not answer my prayers, why there is no response to my requests? My thirst to be a fulfilled woman …
– You were always an illusion …
– So that mean? That means I get to forty years and I realize that God is not true, and that it is an illusion, and that I got screwed? uh ….. it takes a beating there, in integrity, in his pride, good or misplaced, we do not care, then I am a beautiful … silly, and I brought my girl…
– What trauma!
– I am forty years, I have never worked, I put all my faith and my life in which I was passionate about something that does not exist!
– Gorgeous !
– No…
– If it is wonderful to have the courage to consider this possibility is very strong!
– He must be very desperate, in fact, sincere and if we had shielded sincerity, we are forced to be there. We are obliged to see, that.
– Thank you Lord !
– And … (Laughs) ALLELUIA !!! Thanks thanks …
The encounter with Jesus Laurence
– So, spend some time as well, and then I just can not stand to continue to live like this, what, I was completely tied to the inside, completely bound inside … And sometimes the month August, which was the month of leave, and my Maria child is on vacation with his cousins, then the month, it was for me absolutely had to do something, it was not necessary that I continue as that, I had to live … And so I looked on the internet and I found deep in the Landes forest, a place that was required at the time by a priest and a nun, a community, I do not know who, and in fact they have a place and they welcome people doing personal therapy sessions, couples therapy, I do not know exactly. Until now I did not really understand, but I do not care.
So OK, I subscribe and I go to this course of one week, and then the priest gave us a tour of our room and the place where the internship will be and where you eat etc and then to the end of turn, he said: “Well now, I am a priest, so I celebrated Mass every day at 18 hours, and for those who want to come, they can come … Well surprisingly, I j I said: “Why not?” and I said, surprisingly … Because I, you had to bring me any believer in God, Muslim, Christian, bouddiste, whatever, and tell me that believe in God, but I had all the arguments, because shielded sincerity and research, to tell them: “But it does not exist, your God, you have worry! Go away, do not speak of a God who does not exist! That’s it, I gave myself, and I have a child to feed! ”
You see ? And then surprisingly, the priest said, “Who wants to come” and there surprisingly I say “why not” …
And there, the Lord began to work, and I did not notice me on. The priest begins to say Mass, but I have absolutely no recollection. However, I was really there, mas I have no memory, because simply, absolutely normally, simply, I feel, I feel, and I realize that I am absorbed in a presence in a presence of force, is a force of love, but love! … But it is the presence itself which is love … And in fact this person, this love, a force Love, I know that it is Jesus Christ!
I was in joy, but joy! Because it means that everything made sense: my life has meaning, and I am saved …
– What meaning ?
– Because God is! Okay, I believed in a false god, but the true God, he always listened to me, he always heard me, and he came and IT CAME!
For a year, more than a year, I have joy jubilee day and night. And I am glad, and I was glad! But if I knew why! Because ultimately, the true God exists, he exists, and he loves me! And he wants to be in my life, I am in his life!
– You have finally understood something, simply by the fact of going to Mass …
– It is a grace! A grace!
– (Laughter) You’re not you be deceived again?
– This question came to me there, she came to me …
– So how have you solved the problem?
– All of a sudden I came a visceral fear, yet all I have just told this is something indelible, it is registered, I mean I did not invent, I am not imagined, and yet I wanted, I went to check: “It comes from me What happens etc. No way I think a second time and wrong ..? . And indeed I have this fear that comes here, but haaaaa fear, which takes me like that … But what if I was wrong again? When it’s good, but not two, anyway! No it is not possible…”
And yet it happened that with the Christ who came into my life, that I can not remove it, it is a fact that, at the same time, all of a sudden I have this fear that comes … And the Holy Spirit leads us … And the Holy Spirit leads us, and it made me meet a person called Pierre Perrier and is for over forty years Research orality of the Gospel, the first Christian centuries, what was the teaching of Christ to the apostles and apostles to us until now to transmit the Word, the Word. Orality and the evangelical and apostolic Church sources etc … And it turns out that it was important for me to meet this person, and especially the results of his research until today, because ‘I needed the concrete, I, it had to be embodied in my life, it had to be physically, historically verifiable.
I did not take another risk, no question!
– You looking for rational elements?
– Rational, yes, absolutely. Will finally, we have the right to believe in his right mind? Looking arguments good historical sense.
Even time and meet the Perrier father, I meet Father Marie Gallez who wrote his thesis among others on the historical origins of Islam, the Koran and the development over the centuries …
– The Messiah and his prophet!
– The Messiah and his prophet.
– And what is the role of the sacraments, for you?
– It occurs in the sacraments that I experienced that day. So that’s what is beautiful: it is the Lord Himself who comes: in the sacrament of the Eucharist, the sacrament of forgiveness … And I received the sacrament of confirmation after because I did not receive as a child, so I received it two years later, so it’s been four years now.
The sacrament of confirmation, for receiving the Holy Spirit BE IN!
– Yes, not as a passenger, as a passing guest, but someone who dwells in you, which is an integral part of what you are, that becomes your mind. (2 Tim 1,14 1Cor 6,17 Heb 6.4 2P1.4 Jn 14.26, 15.26, 16.7)
– That, and faithful friend, a true Good. That, and it’s so true, it is so true! Comforter, which help matters 🙂
– And who tells us who Jesus is because Jesus, we can not know him (1 Cor 12.3), and God, we can not know who he is if the Spirit of God Himself does not reveal who Jesus … No one comes to me if one who sent me draws him (Jn 6.44) … Being Christian is an extraordinary grace, supernatural ,, is beyond all human understanding, this is not human reach, this is a great mystery, a great grace is divine!
– Exactly! And I said to Christ: “So really it’s OK, you want me happy Even I can not imagine how to be happy at me like that But you know that in my happiness, there’s my daughter. , she knows you, Lord! Let her know you, and be as happy as you give me to be. ”
And it turns out that the Lord has a way with my daughter as she will tell on one occasion, she tells the meanwhile, she really had also a meeting, she tells her education in Islam, or things she lived etc, and this meeting she had with Christ and received baptism 🙂
You are happy since she is a Christian?
– Yes, really, really!
Laurence advice to those trying Islam
– What would you say to young people today who want to convert to Islam? What advice would you give them?
– To make a personal reading of the Koran, if they already have the Koran at home, or on the internet …
– They will say: “But I can not read the Koran, I do not have the sience scholars, sheikhs and imams!”
– But the Koran, every Muslim is obliged to read: Muslim prayers are made with verses from the Koran …
– What we can say to young people who want to convert to Islam, they should not rely on the pretext that they can not read the Koran, the sience scholars – or supposed such – otherwise, it would mean that Allah does not have a personal relationship with them, but that Islam, contrary to what it claims, is not a relationship with each one without intermediary, without associated: the proof that Islam contradicts is that it needs to function associated (Koran 4.48 18 102) or Mohammed, either, s imams, to Allah. Otherwise Allah, one can not understand it.
– Yes, it’s true, it’s true. And indoctrination is very fast for those who are interested in Islam, and very quickly, we can no longer have ear for this kind of argument … It’s not having the faith which proves that what one believes is true, since one can have full faith in ideologies, Marxism, socialism, etc … This is not the faith we have and the enthusiasm and that puts the force that makes up for what you believe exists is the answer he is given faith gives proof that it exists, since there is an answer .. . You see ? And a response that brings peace, serenity, joy, something that shines, that is clear is simple, it is consistent, it is common sense … Keep her common sense, and yes, OK if you have the heart and unhappy if we need to be guided in life etc: it prevents the need to keep common sense: you did not ask to come to earth? You may be entitled to ask why you are on earth: requests the True God that He reveals Himself to you … you do not know his name, Jesus, Allah or anything?
“True God, who is the true God, who created all this, and me … and when I ask you this question:” Who are you “…. Ask God must see?. where is the truth, and we must go where it is not So we break things. why they think like that, and why at this, and this and that … And in fact, everything is there, is given.
With the internet now, we really convincing results!
– It is not for nothing that Saudi Arabia prohibits any archaeological and scientific research on its soil …
– Exactly: the story changes from the historical coming of Christ. So have a sense of history, and keep the prospect of the coming glory of the Lord, because everyone is affected by the coming in glory of the Lord.
– Laurence, thank you for the talks, thank you for this testimony!
– Thank you.
– And we pray that other young men and young women who follow the same path that you followed may, in one way or another, and can be your testimony, have the grace of also meet Christ, who is the only Way, the Life and the Truth. (Jn 14.6)
– Amen!
– If people knew they are going to hell, they would give their lives to Christ.
Doradztwo Laurence do tych, którzy próbują islamu
– Co byś powiedział do młodych ludzi, którzy chcą przejść na islam? Jakie rady dałbyś im?
– Aby prywatnego czytania Koranu, jeżeli już Koran w domu, lub w internecie …
– Oni mówią: “Ale nie mogę czytać Koran, nie mam na sience uczonych, szejków i imamów!”
– Ale Koran, każdy muzułmanin jest zobowiązany do czytania: muzułmańskie modlitwy są z wersetami z Koranu …
– Co możemy powiedzieć młodym ludziom, którzy chcą przejść na islam, nie powinny polegać na pretekstem, że nie może czytać Koran, uczonych sience – lub powinien takie – w przeciwnym razie oznaczałoby to, że Bóg nie ma osobistej relacji z nimi, ale to islam, wbrew temu, co twierdzi, nie jest to związek z każdego z nich, bez pośredników, bez Pokrewne: dowodu że islam jest sprzeczne jest to, że potrzebuje do działania związane (Koran 4,48 18 102) lub Mohammed, albo, s imamów, do Boga. W przeciwnym razie Bóg, nie może tego zrozumieć.
– Tak, to prawda, to prawda. I indoktrynacja jest bardzo szybki dla tych, którzy są zainteresowani w islamie, i bardzo szybko, nie możemy już mieć ucho do tego rodzaju argumentacji … To nie o wiarę co dowodzi, że to, co się wierzy jest prawdą, ponieważ można mieć pełną wiarę w ideologii, marksizm, socjalizm, itp … To nie jest wiara mamy i entuzjazm oraz które stawia siłę, która sprawia, że to, w co wierzysz, co istnieje, jest odpowiedź, która jest podana na naszej wiary, która daje dowody, że on istnieje, ponieważ nie ma odpowiedzi .. zobacz. I odpowiedź, która przynosi pokój, spokój, radość, coś, co świeci, to jest jasne, proste, to jest spójne, to jest zdrowy rozsądek … Trzymaj jej zdrowy rozsądek, i tak, OK, jeśli masz serce i nieszczęśliwy, czy musimy się kierować w życiu itp: zapobiega konieczności utrzymania zdrowego rozsądku: nie prosiłem, aby przyszedł na ziemię? Możesz mieć prawo zapytać, dlaczego jesteś na ziemi, zwraca się do prawdziwego Boga, który objawia się On do ciebie … nie znam jego imienia, Jezusa, Boga czy coś?
“Prawdziwy Bóg, który jest prawdziwym Bogiem, który stworzył to wszystko, i ja … i kiedy mogę zadać ci to pytanie:” Kim jesteś “…. Zapytaj Bóg musi zobaczyć ?. gdzie jest prawda, i musimy iść tam, gdzie nie jest więc łamiemy rzeczy. Dlaczego myślą, że tak, i dlaczego na to i to i to … I rzeczywiście, wszystko tam jest, podano.
Z internetu teraz, naprawdę są przekonujące wyniki!
– To nie jest do niczego, że Arabia Saudyjska zakazuje wszelkich badań archeologicznych i naukowych na swojej ziemi …
– Dokładnie: zmiany historia od historycznego przyjścia Chrystusa. Więc mają poczucie historii, i zachować perspektywę przyszłej chwały Pana, ponieważ każdy ma wpływ na przyjście w chwale Pana.
– Aurence, dziękuję za rozmowy, dziękuję za to świadectwo!
– Dziękuję.
– I modlimy się, że inni młodzi mężczyźni i młode kobiety, którzy podążają tą samą ścieżką, które następnie może, w ten czy inny sposób, i może być twoje świadectwo, mają łaskę również spotkać Chrystusa, który jest jedynym sposobem, życie i prawda. (J 14,6)
– Amen!
– Gdyby ludzie wiedzieli, że idą do piekła, to oni oddali życie dla Chrystusa.